Frying Out

This past weekend when I was home with my family, we decided to fry some finger foods instead of make a traditional meal for dinner. There’s something great about having a beer while you deep fry some foods outside with your dad. And from there, you pretty much snack as you go and make more when people want more. Easy, isn’t it?

Well, it’s not always as easy as you’d imagine. You pretty much want to steer clear of a lot of things and “seclude” yourself from anything that your deep fryer may end up harming. Luckily, we’ve got a short list of tips to follow if you’re gonna be frying now that the weather is beginning to warm up.

Steer clear of other things

You shouldn’t ever use a fryer on a wooden surface, such as a deck or patio, as that’s a quick way to start a fire. And really, you don’t want to use it in enclosed spaces either like a garage or shed. The best place to choose is on level surface, like concrete, where it’s away from other structures.

Also make sure to stay away from windows, as the grease that inevitably splashes and emanates from the fryer will coat your windows with a disgusting layer of oil.

Stay away from the fryer until needed

You really should keep anyone and everyone who isn’t cooking away from the fryer. And since you’re the operator, you should also try to keep your distance until you need to put more food in or pull food out. After you turn the fryer off, though, is when you really should remind people to stay away, as oil can stay very hot for a long time. Bumping into that and spilling it can be a huge health risk, so it’s best to block the area off or keep children and pets far away.

Use recommended safety equipment

Use sturdy oven mitts, have long sleeves on, put a pair of safety goggles on, and try to have a pair of tongs handy if you can. You never know when some oil may pop and cause you a lot of trouble.

Place, don’t drop

When you’re putting more food in the fryer, you really should remove the basket and place more food in instead of dropping extra pieces in the vat. By dropping stuff in, you risk splashing extremely hot oil on yourself or others, so always remember to remove the basket first and then put the food in the basket. Lowering it in takes away all the popping and splashing that you would otherwise be doing by dropping stuff in.


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