Making Your Workplace Comfortable

Do you ever feel sluggish at your job? I mean, really. To the point that you find yourself nodding off around 2 p.m. every single day? You find your workplace extremely boring, it’s not representative of your hobbies or character whatsoever, and you don’t really like being in your office?

All of those things could change if you simply updated your space or even asked to move rooms. We’ve got a few tips on how to spice up where you work, which will increase your happiness on the job and how effective you are at completing tasks and being more efficient in general.

Hybrid standing desk

You’ve at least heard of these even if you haven’t seen them. Hybrid desks are great for getting you to wake yourself up and give your body a change in pace. Standing is great for you and your body anyway, as sitting at a computer chair all day can be quite bad for your posture. Just switch it up every hour or so and you’ll feel like you can get a heck of a lot more done in less time.


If you want to be happier, more energetic, and enjoy your office more, you have to have some sort of windows available. I’m a huge advocate of natural light and how it can boost your productivity, so make sure you work in a space that has access to natural light. If it’s almost impossible to do this, at least have some sort of lighting in your room that makes you happy, comfortable, and fits your style. Overhead lighting can be too clinical in my opinion, so I prefer the ambience of lamps.

Comfy chair

You know how sleeping affects your overall health because you spend almost a third of your life doing it, so having a quality mattress is in your best interests? Well, computer chairs kind of fall into the same category of importance because you’ll be sitting in one for a large portion of your life as well. Make sure it’s got great support but you also find it comfortable for your own posture.

Speedy computer

If your computer is outdated or old, you’ll notice the amount of lag it has big time. And this can slow your pace at work while simultaneously frustrating you to no end. If your computer is over 5 years old, it’s probably time to ask your boss if you can get a new one or at least have it updated in some fashion. By letting them know your productivity is far less with a crappy computer, they’ll get the idea and likely provide a new one.


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